Bringing a youth perspective to COP26 in Glasgow

Our mission: generate demands on the most pressing changes needed to be made by national governments to meet the global 2030 climate change goals.

The Basics.

What is COP?
Why is COP26 important?
Why The Climate Crew?
Who is AQ Green TeC?

Roadmap to COP26

Continue to build and strengthen our youth community

The Climate Crew is building a S.W.A.T team of youth (under 25 years old) who are researching climate policy to prepare for COP26.

Develop concrete policy recommendations

As a community, we are discovering and deciding the most pressing global policies that must be changed.

Create reports for governmental action

Global governments will receive our official policy recommendation reports before COP26.

Presenting at COP26 with AQ Green TeC

With the support of AQ Green TeC, we will be presenting our policy demands for international policy-makers, activists, and companies at COP26 in November 2021.